Welcome to stratoMaps

The aim of the stratoMaps's project is to provide a framework that lets you:

  • Reverse geocode on OSM data
  • Perform proximity search
  • Add your own spatio-temporal data (X,Y, Elevation and Time)
  • Store data layers of static or dynamic assets (moving vehicles)
  • Query your own layers
  • Update your data real time
  • Run geospatial queries against your data

If you are tracking any assets like vehicles, trucks, bicycles, pedestrians, pets, mobile application, IoT, flying drones, etc or/and have your own data layers, this might be the right place for you.

Note that the platform is in incubation phase with limited data coverage and not all features are implemented yet. If you have any questions, requests, please contact us. We will be happy to help.

We are also looking for early adopters to provide feedback and improvement suggestions. Our features roadmap will also be to some extent driven by your use-cases. For now, you can test by sending your reverse geocode transactions on OpenStreetMap data.

To get a feel you can play with the demo. Feel also free to try out the REST API on our Developer Zone.

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